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Timmis Law Corporation has specializes in trademark registration for over 15 years, established Trademark Attorney / Lawyer / Agent. Hoffer Adler LLP has a team of experienced and skilled trademark lawyers in Toronto. Visit our website to learn more about trademark law in Canada. A third party may attempt to expunge your Canadian trademark registration through a Section 45 Cancellation Proceeding. If you receive a Section 45 Cancellation.

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Intellectual Property (IP) Services. Jennifer Sander BASc, JD is a licensed Lawyer, a Registered Canadian Patent Agent and a Registered Canadian Trademark Agent. Trademark Process; Canada Fee Schedule; USA Fee Schedule if straightforward and requested at the same time as the Canadian search and opinion. Trademarks Canada is operated by Canadian intellectual property lawyer Zak Muscovitch, who is the principal of The Muscovitch Law Firm (Muscovitch Law P.C.).

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Known internationally for its expertise in the collective administration of copyright, the Cassels team also acts or has acted for a host of Canadian copyright. Your trademark attorney can assist with tracking these renewal deadlines, filing the renewals, as well as policing the Canadian trademark registry for marks. IP Services for Canadian Innovators A trademark helps customers identify the source of products and services. Often it's referred to a company's “brand”.