Virtual Collaboration

A remote, dispersed workforce is not necessarily a collaborative one, and that's why virtual collaboration technology is so important. While digital workplaces. As companies fully transition to online operations and remote work locations, virtual collaboration software has become a must-have tool for all. Virtual collaboration. When the participants cannot meet physically.

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This report summarizes the research literature on virtual collaboration, focusing on interactive virtual collaborations in real or near-real time. Collaborating virtually requires behaviors, practices, and tools that facilitate efficient and effective collaboration among dispersed collaborators. Virtual collaboration. When the participants cannot meet physically.

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Throughout this module, we use the term “virtual collaboration” to describe work that uses technology to connect employees. We use the term “virtual workforce”. Interaction Associates helps virtual teams overcome the challenges of collaborating remotely, increasing group productivity. Digital transformation requires organizational and individual mindset shifts, and it invites us to work and collaborate in exciting new productive ways.