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Accident reconstruction expert. If the cause of your collision is in dispute, an accident reconstruction expert may be useful. He can review evidence, such as. Reconstruction specialists use advanced technology to determine how an accident happened by essentially recreating the crash. They draw information from various. Our Perth-based personal injury lawyers provide expert legal advice on how personal injury law works in a motor vehicle accident compensation claim.

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What Types of Doctors Treat People Who Have Injuries from Car Accidents? · Emergency room physician · Radiologist to read the x-rays, CAT scans, MRIs, and other. “Our expert car accident solicitors have been helping road traffic accident victims across Northern Ireland for over 50 years.”. Find out if you can claim for a road accident. In addition, your solicitor will work with other specialists to help you with.

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Winn Solicitors are a national accident claims specialist helping you claim compensation following a non-fault accident. Emergency room doctor; Urgent care doctor; Primary care physician; Medical specialists, such as a surgeon, neurologist, or psychiatrist. Emergency Room Doctor. Every NJ Resident in a Car Accident Needs a Spine Surgeon Evaluation in a moderate or high velocity collision should be evaluated by a spine specialist.