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To fulfill our responsibilities in this time of change, we have developed a Transformation Strategy. It builds on our strong foundation of public sector values. A workshop at the LGA conference heard how workforce integration as part of wider public service integration is a complex multi-layered issue. "Transforming services to deliver better outcomes for the people who use them is the most important challenge facing the public sector today. In doing so, we.

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Public Value in Public Service Transformation: Working with Change technologies are transforming both service delivery and people's lives in general. It tells the stories of transformation and shows how public servants are working differently by embracing creativity, improving outcomes and services. Having the organisational self-awareness to build a culture of innovation and employee empowerment, is a decisive factor of a successful digital transformation.

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So Public Service Transformation is about delivering better outcomes for our communities, driven by input from those customers/users, as opposed to Public. With over 40 years' experience in public service innovation, we help government bodies enhance citizen engagement through public sector transformation. The delivery of public services is critical to building trust in the public sector. We work with governments, the public sector, institutions and corporations.