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Contract Name>. 1| Page. Agreement No. ______. FAS Rev: 3/6/ City of Seattle. (Enter Name of Department). CONSULTANT (insert “ROSTER” if. 16+ Consultant Contract Templates- Word, PDF Documents Download! A consulting contract is an agreement between two parties whereby one party gives their. [This template contract is to be used to engage a consultant for works, for the provision of services such as design services, and/or construction.

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THIS CONSULTANT AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) is made as of the _____ day of ______, 20___ by and between., located at. (“Contractor”) and., an individual whose. The consulting services agreement is a written contract outlining work to be performed by a consultant for a specific client. The consultant, either working. “Consultant” means.; The user of these Terms and Conditions;. “Contract” means the contract between the Client and the Consultant which defines.

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Consulting Relationship. During the term of this Agreement, Consultant will provide consulting services. (the “Services”) to the Company as described in Exhibit. CONSULTANT AGREEMENT. THIS CONSULTANT'S AGREEMENT (the “Agreement”) is effective this _____ day of. ______, , by and between the TOWN OF UNIVERSITY PARK. 3) The Consultant shall, under the direction of the Client's President or designate, provide business risk management consulting services and commodity.